Big Hearted Business

Clare Bowditch, Big Hearted Business

Clare Bowditch, Big Hearted Business

“You want an amazing life
But you can’t decide
You don’t have to be just one thing
But you have to start with something

Clare Bowditch is singing Amazing Life while I write this. Yep, just to me! On repeat, the poor thing.

She also played it on Saturday in response to a question at the Big Hearted Business morning tea I attended. These events are designed to empower ‘creative types’ with business skills, and encourage business with heart. I confess, it made me cry and I don’t think I was the only one in the crowd of about 60 women, and one lone fella, to shed a tear!

Business planning, profit, marketing… these aren’t terms we normally associate with ‘heart’. But, as Clare pointed out, the difference between a hobby and a business is making money. Step up. Be a provider. Take yourself seriously.

So how do you take a ‘right brain’, creative skill and make it into a business?¬†Ask yourself what problem you solve for others. ¬†Every business provides a solution. Then TELL PEOPLE how you will solve their problems (that’s marketing!).

It’s unrealistic to think that a hobby, idea or dream will evolve into a business that will support you and your family overnight. It takes time. Clare encouraged us to take the gardening approach and recognise the seasons and times of transition.

So here is the to-do list I came out with after the event on Saturday morning (in no particular order):

  • Pitch more stories to editors and roll with rejection
  • Write more, write regularly, write consistently
  • Be creative and vulnerable
  • Find my niche
  • Be brave and confident
  • Take risks
  • Find a mentor
  • Travel more, practice kindness, listen to music*
  • Apply for grants
  • Have the guts to ask questions
  • Tell stories, tell the truth
  • Follow my intuition, filter my dreams, focus

If you are thinking of attending a BHB event – the conference is next year – go! Do it. I came out feeling empowered, happy, inspired, supported and positive.

Thanks Clare & BHB.

*Clare mentioned being inspired by Jeff Buckley, how Ani Difranco embraced online marketing (before social media!), her colleagues Holly Throsby and Missy Higgins, and what happened the first time Lady Gaga took off her pants… With every musician she mentioned, I was further inspired, she has great taste in music!