Then, suddenly, everyone was talking about SEO.

To make sure that your web page appears as one of the top three responses on a web search, you need to master Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). So what is it?

The Big Data Explosion infographic by

The Big Data Explosion infographic by

Step-by-step SEO

Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are search engines. They take the search terms entered by internet users and match them up with web content.

There is an almost incomprehensible amount of data out there so search engines analyse the words on web pages (the ‘content’) to find the best matches to your search terms.

There were over 5 BILLION Google searches PER DAY in 2012 (check out the infographic!)- so how do you get to the top of the list?

Search engines look for words that are repeated, used in titles, text, links and phrases. Search engines don’t ‘see’ images, animations or anything non-text.

It’s important to think about the search terms your visitors/customers/investors/followers will be using to find your site – these are the keywords you need scatted strategically through your content to maximize SEO.

But never loose sight of the audience!  Quality copywriting for the web balances the needs and enjoyment of the human audience with the rigid needs of the search engines.

For more information, check out this comprehensive  Beginners Guide to SEO or contact me to talk about how I can craft great SEO-friendly content for your website.

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