A week in #geology #hashtags


The Tonight Show mascot: Hashtag the Panda

#ThinSectionThursday is a thing. So is #FridayFold and #MineralMonday.  Today I discovered a whole new genre of science communication: geology-themed hashtags on Twitter.

If you are a geologist, or just a fan of earth science, there is literally a hashtag for you every day of the (working) week.

Hashtags are used on Twitter to link conversations and to search by subject. Creating a hashtag is as simple as placing a ‘#’ symbol in front of a word or short phrase.

If you don’t tweet yet and would like to know more, check out my post, Social media basics: Twitter. You can search twitter.com for these hashtags even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

With help from my new friends on Twitter (Thanks @MicroEarthSci and @metageologist) I’ve put together a list of geo-themed hashtags to satisfy geologists everyday of the week.


  • Some stunning mineral specimens can be found at #MineralMonday, and some clever photography too.
  • It’s a shame no day of the week starts with ‘V’ but if you love lava, #VolcanoMonday is for you.


  • Tephra is the name given to the rock fragments and ash blasted out of an erupting volcano. #TephraTuesday is the day to enjoy it on Twitter!

— ROM Earth & Space (@ROMEarthSci) February 23, 2015

  • There are plenty of great images each #TectonicTuesday too.

  • And for the palentologists, we have #TrilobiteTuesday. More extinct arthropods than you can poke a stick at!


  • Humpday was looking a little lean for geotags but the #icephoto hashtag comes to life on Wednesdays and fits the bill with lots of Arctic and Antarctic research images.

  • Unfortunately #RockWednesday has nothing to do with geology and everything to do with rock music requests on a radio station.


  • This is the hashtag that started this search for me: #ThinSectionThursday. If features new images each week showing how light can dance through slivers of rock less than a millimetre thick.


  • #FridayFold is for the structural geologists and other fans of beautifully mashed-up rocks. #FoldFriday, on the other hand, covers laundry, yoga and linen.

  • #FossilFriday is just plain scary!
  • And finally, #FieldPhotoFriday is inspiration to get outside on the weekend. Where we belong!

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