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Call to action: How to turn website visitors into valuable leads‏

arrowIn the online world, where attention is the most precious resource, catching the eye of the reader scanning your website is crucial. Funneling their attention to meet the goals of your website – sales, subscribers, new business leads – comes down to the humble ‘call to action’.

If you have ever clicked ‘search’ on the Google home page, subscribed to an online publication, signed up for or shared on social media, or hit ‘buy’, ‘add to cart’ or ‘download now’, you have used a call to action. Or CTA in online marketing speak. (more…)

Start blogging!

Recently I went searching for blogs about exploration and mining written by the companies themselves. The result? Slim pickings.

While there are thousands of blogs talking about exploration, mining, commodities, investment, minerals, resources, mergers & acquisitions… there are very few written by the explorers and miners themselves. (more…)


Then, suddenly, everyone was talking about SEO.

To make sure that your web page appears as one of the top three responses on a web search, you need to master Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). So what is it? (more…)