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Publication: PotashWorks 2017

Saskatchewan potash industry prepared for growth in 2017

By Kylie Williams Saskatchewan produced a record 18.2 million tonnes of potassium chloride in 2015, with a value of $6.1 billion dollars. As the world’s largest potash producer, the province is hopeful that the low potash prices of recent years, due to over-supply and lower-than-expected demand, have reached their lowest point. In August 2016 the price of potash was $220 USD/metric tonne (mt)... Read more »

Publication: Ontario Mining Review Fall 2016

Tiny creatures making a big splash in Ontario mines

By Kylie Williams Stored in the basement of a building at the University of Guelph is an unusual library. As of late June 2016, it contained five million snippets of DNA or “barcodes” for 550,000 unique species – the first and largest collection of DNA barcodes in the world. Ontario is the birthplace of DNA barcoding. Dr. Paul Hebert, director of... Read more »

Publication: Ontario Mining Review Fall 2016

Energy solutions for ultra-deep mines

By Kylie Williams A number of alternative energy sources and innovations are being developed across Canada to overcome the challenges of mining at depths greater than 2.5 kilometres below the surface. Ranging from electric vehicles to geothermal heating and cooling options, these products and solutions are rapidly being brought to market by small to medium... Read more »