Bushed – 7 Indicators You’ve Been In The Field Too Long

Published on: September 2017

Have you even taken off your Carhartts after a long day in the field, fallen exhausted into your bunk in a tent in the middle of nowhere, only to find your field pants standing up by themselves the next morning, exactly where you left them the night before? And you’re not surprised because, at this point in the field season, nothing surprises you anymore?

It’s likely you’re bushed. “Bushed” refers to the range of indicators geologists, geophysicists, students, field helpers and drillers feel after a long field season, after too much camp food, too many bugs and too long away from home.

“As soon as you think you’re not bushed, then you’re bushed,” says Amber Henry Jutras, project geologist with Teck Resources Limited.

In July 2017, Mineral Exploration Magazine surveyed a cross-section of the B.C. mineral exploration community to compile seven key questions to find out: Are you bushed?

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