1984-2018: The Evolution Of AME’s Mineral Exploration Roundup

Published on: December 2017

In January 2018, AME’s Mineral Exploration Roundup conference will celebrate its 35th year.

The idea for the Roundup conference was born on a ferry in 1982 during a conversation between Jack Patterson, Managing Director of what was then the BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines, Bob Cathro, the sitting President, and Nick Carter, soon to be the second vice-president of the Chamber.

The trio decided to turn the Chamber’s traditional all-day annual general meeting, followed by a dinner and dance, into a three-day conference. They approached the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and the Geological Survey of Canada to combine the Chamber’s AGM day with the geological survey open houses, where survey results from the previous field season were traditionally shared with the public.

The idea became a reality in 1984, when the first “Cordilleran Geology and Exploration Roundup” was held at the Holiday Inn Harbourside in Vancouver (now the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront), attended by around 700 people. Although the event was a success, the world was in the midst of a global recession and BC was not immune. As Bob Cathro noted in his Presidents Report that year, “…1982 had been the worst year ever for the Vancouver exploration community…”.

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