Geoscience and Canada 2018

Published on: June 2018

Understanding our Earth: The vital role of Canada’s geoscientists

This booklet explores the vital contributions of geoscientists to Canadian society. It has been prepared for a wide audience, including the public, decision-makers, geoscientists, and all those who share an interest in Canada’s land and resources, by Geoscientists Canada and Canadian Federation of Earth Scientists.


Geoscience is the study of the structure and history of our planet and its natural systems. Human life and progress are underpinned by materials provided by the Earth and geoscience provides us with the knowledge and understanding to find resources and utilise the Earth sustainably, for the benefit of current and future generations.

The Earth is changing through natural processes and human actions. Geoscientists recognise, document, and interpret these processes and changes, particularly the gradual changes that take place over thousands to millions of years, and they help society find and manage Earth’s resources for the present and future.

Download the Geoscience and Canada brochure 2018.