Talking Safety With 2018 David Barr Award Winner Janice Fingler

Published on: July 2018

Accepting the David Barr Award at the AME Roundup 2018 awards gala in January, project leadership coach Janice Fingler said, “Small gestures from leaders are like ripples that quickly become waves that influence the actions of others.”

Her words were directed toward Diane Nicolson as retiring AME board chair, but Fingler’s own approach of taking every opportunity to talk about exploration safety leadership has also initiated waves of change during her five years as chair of the AME Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee.

“I came to AME early in the last downturn,” says Fingler. “I had grown frustrated with the boom-bust cycles. In booms there was more money, yet it wasn’t always used to upgrade our operating systems or to improve EHS practices.

“In the bust times, I noticed the untapped potential in our people,” says Fingler. “Project workers shared their knowledge, experience and ingenuity to move projects forward. If we listened more to those voices, we’d discover both challenges and opportunities that could support explorers in bringing resources responsibly to our world.

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