Targeted Geoscience Initiative 2019

Published on: October 2019


Canada’s natural resources sector provides jobs, opportunity and prosperity for all Canadians. Although Canada has a rich mining history, in many regions the large, near-surface mineral deposits have been located and developed into mines that have a finite lifespan and are becoming depleted. It has become increasingly difficult and expensive to find new deposits, and discovery rates are dropping.

Most future mines will be in new and emerging mining districts or located deep below the surface in mature mining districts. New scientific knowledge and innovative exploration methods are necessary to locate deposits quickly and efficiently to supply Canada and the world with the minerals and metals essential for the requirements of modern lifestyles and future prosperity.

TGI seeks to understand the processes that formed Canada’s mineral deposits and identify and quantify the key indicators needed to explore for them. Discovery of new deposits and mining districts supports an industry that contributes to the well-being of all Canadians, their communities and our economy.

Natural Resources Canada Targeted Geoscience Initiative: Increasing deep exploration effectiveness with next-generation science and innovation

Natural Resources Canada’s Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) is led by a team of internationally-recognized mineral deposit researchers at the Geological Survey of Canada,with academic, provincial and territorial government and industry collaborators.

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