The architect

Published on: July 2018

Teck’s digital architect, Kalev Ruberg, is shaping a digital transformation

With experience spanning academia, the private sector, government and even a start-up, Kalev Ruberg came to the mining sector rather late in his career. When he arrived 12 years ago, he found a “very fractured landscape” from a technology systems point of view.

“Independent development may result in a one-off success, but being entrepreneurial and working in silos is the biggest challenge we all have,” said Ruberg. “We need to govern the way innovation proceeds into production. The innovation success we’ve had at Teck has come from a very disciplined platform approach because it has staying power.”

Ruberg joined Teck in 2006 as chief information officer (CIO) and was named vice-president of Teck Digital Systems last December. The common theme that runs through Ruberg’s wide-ranging career is designing systems that connect human behaviour and technology.

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