The closer

Published on: July 2018

Anglo American’s head of mine closure planning, Carl Grant, says managing mine closure throughout its life is the best way to reduce liability later

The highlight of Carl Grant’s career has been obtaining a closure certificate for Alcoa’s first bauxite mine at Jarrahdale in southern Western Australia. “The mine closed in 2001 and we obtained a closure certificate from the government in 2005,” said Grant. “Few people in our industry can say that, but it’s an important achievement to prove to communities that we do what we say we’re going to do.”

Grant is now group head of mine closure planning at Anglo American. Since he took on the role in 2014, he and a team of mine closure specialists have been building and implementing Anglo American’s Integrated Closure Planning System (ICPS) across the company’s global portfolio of operations. One of the objectives of the ICPS is to include closure planning in the same software package used for mine planning to enable that software to run a complete life-of-mine scenario.

The first ICPS pilot was initiated at the Kolomela iron ore mine in South Africa in 2015. “It ran for 15 months and generated about $30 million of operational savings by utilizing in-pit and short-haul dumping, rather than taking the waste from the pit all the way up to the elevated waste rock dumps,” said Grant.

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