The growing pains of supply chain certification

Published on: June 2018

Supply chain transparency programs need work to address challenges faced by artisanal miners, experts say

German carmaker Daimler promised it would investigate its supply chain and joined the Responsible Cobalt Initiative in early May in response to growing concern about child labour in Congolese cobalt mines. The company, which owns Mercedes-Benz, uses cobalt in its electric car batteries and said it hopes that “transparency and governance will be improved, and the risks of child labor diminished” under the initiative.

A month earlier, several of Rio Tinto’s Quebec operations were awarded the first performance standard certificate under a new Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. The initiative, launched in December, aims to create global standards for sustainable aluminum supply chains and relies on independent third-party audits for certification.

Multiple mining companies and manufacturers have taken up a spate of initiatives in the first half of 2018 to make mining supply chains more transparent.

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