Canadian-made responsible mining initiative answers global demand for supply chain transparency

Published on: May 8, 2018

Manufacturers, particularly in the technology and automotive sectors, are under increasing pressure from customers to demonstrate that products are made with responsibly-sourced materials. Transparent supply chains that trace where the materials come from and what practices were used to produce them are expected by shareholders and the public. But unlike similar programs gaining momentum in other sectors, such as the ‘farm-to-table’ social movement in the food and beverage sector, tracing the hundreds of metals and minerals needed to make a cars and smartphones is far more complex than tracking a steak from cow to plate.

A home-grown initiative is emerging as a solution to this global challenge. Manufacturing companies, such as Apple Inc., have recently spied a Canadian-born program that may provide the assurance they are looking for. The Mining Association of Canada’s (MAC) Toward Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative is an externally-certified accountability program that has been tracking the social and environmental performance of Canadian mining operations for almost 15 years.

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