From white rocks to green products

Published on: 1 February 2017

Hudson Resources sees multiple uses for the unique deposit at its White Mountain project

Large deposits of pure, highly calcic anorthosite have only been discovered in two places in the known universe: Hudson Resources’ White Mountain project in Greenland and the moon.

The Vancouver-based miner’s project contains high calcium, low-sodium anorthosite, an igneous rock that predominantly contains plagioclase feldspar. It began constructing an industrial mineral mine on the site in 2016, with firm plans to send the first shipment of ‘GreenSpar’ – calcium feldspar ore – to fibreglass producers around the world in early 2018.

The deposit will be mined as a quarry to exploit the calcium feldspar ore to produce E-glass fibre, a key structural element found in wind turbine blades. Other uses of the ore include replacing bauxite in alumina production, as a filler in paints or even to produce zero-CO2-emission cement. Fortunately for Hudson Resources, it does not have to exclusively focus on just one market or application because the deposit is so large; results from drilling to date show 27 million tonnes of Indicated Resources and 32 million tonnes of Inferred Resources. The only known larger anorthosite deposit is on the moon.

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