Topic: Sustainability & Environment

Publication: CSIROscope

Biomaterials are the business

By Kylie Williams Petrochemicals are, like, so last century. Biodegradable, bioderived biomaterials are all the rage, and for good reason too. Products like plastics, paints, adhesives and lubricants are mostly derived from dwindling supplies of petroleum, an increasingly costly finite resource. With pressure mounting to reduce our dependence on petroleum products, CSIRO is leading the... Read more »

Publication: Mines Canada

Mining and Easter: Canada’s role in producing ‘green’ aluminum

This weekend, thousands of Canadian kids will scour gardens and parks for colorful treats left behind by the Easter bunny. Although quickly discarded for the chocolatey goodness inside, spare a thought for the aluminum foil wrapping. The foil coating your Easter egg is a thin sheet of aluminium metal, the same material used for drink... Read more »

Canadian-made Responsible Mining Initiative Answers Global Demand for Supply Chain Transparency

The Mining Association of Canada’s established initiative of Toward Sustainable Mining, adopted by six countries and counting, is evolving to meet manufacturers’ demands Manufacturers, particularly in the technology and automotive sectors, are under increasing pressure from customers to demonstrate that products are made with responsibly sourced materials. Transparent supply chains that trace the origins of... Read more »

Publication: Mines Canada

Not Your Grandfather’s Mine

The five ways in which technology and innovation are making mining more sustainable When asked to picture a mine, many Canadians imagine a deep pit filled with noisy trucks belching diesel fumes and dust into the air. The miners they picture may be older men with dirty faces and scruffy beards, working in dark, cramped... Read more »

Publication: CIM Magazine

Industry task force action plan adopted by B.C. government in 2019 budget

British Columbia’s 2019 budget invests in greater mining oversight, makes provincial mining and exploration tax credits permanent British Columbia’s budget will provide $20 million over three years to help the province’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEM) reduce permitting timelines and establish a new Mines Health, Safety and Enforcement Division with an increased... Read more »