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A week in #geology #hashtags


The Tonight Show mascot: Hashtag the Panda

#ThinSectionThursday is a thing. So is #FridayFold and #MineralMonday.  Today I discovered a whole new genre of science communication: geology-themed hashtags on Twitter.

If you are a geologist, or just a fan of earth science, there is literally a hashtag for you every day of the (working) week.

Hashtags are used on Twitter to link conversations and to search by subject. Creating a hashtag is as simple as placing a ‘#’ symbol in front of a word or short phrase.

If you don’t tweet yet and would like to know more, check out my post, Social media basics: Twitter. You can search twitter.com for these hashtags even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

With help from my new friends on Twitter (Thanks @MicroEarthSci and @metageologist) I’ve put together a list of geo-themed hashtags to satisfy geologists everyday of the week. (more…)