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Geo-movie review: Gold

In my quest to see all “geology” movies (no matter how cheesy or inaccurate!), I finally watched Gold (2016). This film hits closer to home for me than some other geo-movies, like Volcano, The Day After Tomorrow, or the heart-wrenching Impossible, since I live and work in Vancouver. This city is home to more junior exploration companies that any other so I occasionally mix with slightly similar characters and understand the games they play!

In Gold, Matthew McConaughey plays Kenny Wells, a sleazy, drunken “prospector desperate for a lucky break”. His exploration/promotion business, inherited from his father, looks for gold deposits, and hopes to find investors willing to pay to develop them into mines.

The company goes downhill after his father passes away, and the ragtag crew take up office in the local tavern, spruiking small, pitiful projects to gullible investors between swigs of beer and whiskey. One day, Wells hears that a geologist, Michael Acosta (played swarthy Edgar Ramirez), may be sitting on a literal gold mine in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia and travels to the project.

Spoilers ahead!


Social media basics: Twitter

Tweet your way to better investor and community relations.

With the unfortunate reputation as a platform for spoiled pop stars to rant about their first-world problems, Twitter was slow to establish itself as a social media platform for serious business communication.

But professionals and businesses are catching on to the beauty of communicating in 140 characters or less. Twitter is now the fastest growing social media platform with 230 million active users on Twitter posting 500 million tweets every day. Twitter_logo_blue

There’s room for the conservative mining industry too. Over 360 mining companies have Twitter accounts already according to this list of mining companies on Twitter maintained by Mining.com.

Following the money

Junior exploration companies looking to raise new capital should consider Twitter a core part of their strategy to broaden their investor base in the lead up to an initial public offering (IPO). But is Twitter the magic bullet for junior companies raising new capital?