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A gold mine in my toilet

A gold mine?

A gold mine? (click for source)

Mines use billions of litres of water each year but with one billion people without clean drinking water and 2.5 billion lacking access to basic sanitation worldwide, doesn’t it seem preposterous to pour clean water down a mine?

Sending undrinkable domestic waste water and sea water to mine sites is a promising solution.

Read more about the use of recycled water in mining in From My Toilet To The Gold Mine, my latest piece published on the RiAus blog on 29 April 2014. (more…)

Is this the coolest job for a long hot summer?

Dr Alix Post in Antarctica

Dr Alix Post in Antarctica

While her family and friends are sweating through a record-breaking hot summer back in Canberra, Geoscience Australia marine geoscientist Dr Alix Post is wearing thermal underwear, woolly socks and insulated overalls to keep warm in Antarctica’s sub-zero temperatures. (more…)